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Home Organ

First opus created: March 14th, 2020

Dual Manual (61 note) + Pedal instrument (32 notes, radiating concave)

Primary organ sample set: Friesach, Austria. 

Friesach organ details available here

More details available about this instrument on the Home Organ Page under about!

Single Manual, Harpsichord

Date acquired: August 15th, 2021

Date built: 1966

Single manual (8'8') (54 note)

Company: Sabathil & Sons

Made in: Canada

Baldwin Spinet Piano

Date acquired: 2014

Date built: c. 1950

88 keys 

Company: Baldwin 

Made in: USA

Casio PX-160 Digital Piano

Date acquired: 2019

Date built: c. 2018

88 keys 

Company: Casio 

Made in: USA

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